Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A girly night in

Last Friday, I had the girls over. We were meant to go out for dinner but the husband had to work late so they came to me instead. We ordered in Korean and talked the night away. AND performed mini make overs on each other. I know. It's not the best adult choice of past time activity. But it was really nice to have a girly night in every now and than. And God knows how much I need that from time to time.

My well groomed gals by the end of the night.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another lazy Sunday

Just another one of our simple walks to our local park down the street. Funny how the simplest things leave such strong imprints in your life.
Here's Annie getting all "up-tight" about a little spec on her shoes!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Pictures from birthday brunch

Ok. I have now gone past my temporary depression caused by my age. And am ready to share pictures of my surprise birthday brunch. Enjoy!

And yes. It's the same dress as my last post. I do own more than one dress.
A shot out to Jas. Thanks for being my unofficial photographer for the day!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

At the park

A couple of weekends ago, we met up with a couple of friends and their two little boys to spend a warm Saturday afternoon together at a park. It is really nice to have friends who are at the exact stage of life to ours. And to be able to share all the ups and downs of parenting over a cuppa every now and than is just priceless.

Our friend's first born "J" is just 1 week older than Annie so they are at an age where they are able to occupy themselves for a good 15 to 20 mins (if we are lucky). That means we get to actually sit down and chat a little, which is fantastic. Of course we also have our 2nd born to care for but after having used to taking care of two children, having to care for just one is a walk in the park.

Annabel has always been a very careful and guarded child. And for that reason, she is never usually adventurous at playgrounds. J on the other hand is the complete opposite. Being true to his boyish make out. He is adventurous and is very skilled with his hands and feet. So I am always very keen to get the two together to hopefully entice the little adventure junkie in Annie to come out and play. They have been "friends"since they were babies so it's really nice to see them finally interact and play with each other and having mini chats of their own.

Anyhow. I really wanted to share some pictures she took on her own with my compact digital camera that afternoon. Not too bad for her first attempt me thinks *proud mum beam*.

They were trying to take a picture of each other at the same time. How cute is that! A fail shot

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Oh I missed you all. Haven't been blogging as regularly as hoped past week or so. Did you even noticed I've been gone?! *pff*

Three weekends ago we were at a wedding. And we celebrated my birthday over Sunday brunch. Yes folks. I have reached my mid thirties and am officially over the hills.

*GIVE ME BACK MY YOUTH* (fist in the air)

I still have not gotten over feeling temporarily depressed that I have moved on to a new age box. Not to mention the looming fact that I am just 5 years shy of the 40's! (That is my scary age) And all this talk about how the 50s are the new 30s is just plan old cr**. What does that even mean!? Does that mean I ought to feel like I'm fifteen now!?

And because I am all gloom and loom. I will leave you with a less dramatic caption of shots we took at the wedding. Just the fabulous glamourous bits of course.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Caring for my brushes

SO. A little while ago I posted about my new found love of cosmetic brushes. I have a collection of 8 brushes in total. Foundation, Concealer, Base Coat, Eye Crease, Corner Eye, Blending, Smudge and Cheeks brushes. And I have had a ball experimenting with them.
As my collection are a set of good quality brushes. I put quite a bit of effort in caring for them so that I could enjoy them for as long as they are meant to last. So almost every week, these little babies get a spa treatment from me.
I thought I'd share how I clean my brushes as there are heaps of ways to do it (like facial cleaners, baby shampoo, brush cleaners etc..). But I found this way the best and the cheapest. And seeing how frequently I wash them (I wash my foundation and concealer brush immediately after they get used), this will go a long way.
Plus it's how oil painters wash their brushes so it's a proven method.
So what I do is to pour a portion of dish washing detergent (anti-bacteria ones) and olive oil onto a small plate. About 2 portions AUS 50 cents detergent to 2 portions AUS 20 cents olive oil. This does about 3 to 4 brushes.
Than I swirl my brushes around to mix the cleaning mixture and work them back and forth on my palm to get rid of whatever make up left on them. NEVER squeeze or rub the hairs of the brush with your finger tips. That will ruin the shape of the brushes.
After working the cleaning mixture through the brushes, I rinse them off with warm water. And paper towel them dry before hanging them up like in the picture above.
Brushes should never be dried on their sides or hair side up because the water from the washing could damage the glue that holds the hairs together. The last thing you need is to have your expensive brushes leaving traces of hair on your face.
And I also found this product that I am seriously thinking of purchasing. It is called "The Brush Guard" (Google the name and you will find it). If you click on "how to use". You will find that my method of drying is one of the what NOT to do.
Think I had better get some of those guards soon.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A quickie

Sorry for the absence! I have been so busy it's not funny. The husband has been going to work early and coming home late past 2/3 weeks. That translates to me getting to cover both morning AND night shifts with the girls. AND I am back full time for work. *phew*

Anyhoo. I saw this ad and thought I have to post it because it's just so darn cute. Hopefully it's enough to keep you guys occupied till I get my act together and post pictures we took at the wedding and my birthday branch. Yes. I have growm yet another year older. Non the wiser.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What should I wear........

We are attending a wedding this weekend and I am excited.

There is no secret that I lurve weddings. I am one of those people that tear up after speeches and eat way too much cake.

I lurve getting all glam up for it. I lurve having a night of good food and great conversations. And I lurve the fact that the nights are KIDS FREE!

And of course, this weekend, we will be celebrating the union of two very lovely people.

So. The thing that will be on my mind this week would be "What to wear?"

Here's what I put together for the day ensemble. It's down for a maybe.

Welcome to Polyvore!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Meet my new loves

Delicious. Velvety. Shimmering palettes and pods of goodness.

Everyone. I have fallen in love with eye colors.

Admittedly, I have never been good at make up. Don't really care for it or knew what to do with it. My make up routine consist of moisturise, sunblock, powder, rouge, waterproof eyeliner and lip gloss. And I put them on in that order too.

However, of late. I have grown very curious with what colors could do for my face. And in the process of my exploration, I have also realised how much I actually enjoy experimenting with what colors works on me. And which colors blend well with which.

And the tools! Oh My Goodness. I never knew that those expensive brushes could actually work wonders!

So here I am. An absolute convert. Playing around with make up like a teenager in my thirties.

And to make it all official. I will admit here for all you guys out there to tease as you please. I am too browsing on the inter net for make up tutorials.

Oh the shame.

And with that note. I shall end with my latest loot pictured below. Untitled

All purchases from Strawberry.Net.
Brushes are Laura Mercier. Crease, All Over Eye Color, Smudge & Eye Color Brush. Lancome Precision Cheek Brush.
Costal Scents 88 Shimmer Palettes from Costral Scents US.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Annabel's day at the Park

We have had ourselves a big Saturday celebrating Annabel's birthday. I had not planned for it to be big. Just picnic amongst ourselves. Plus the grandparents. And Luna Park. It was supposed to be relaxing and light. That somehow turned epic, partly due to the weather.

The forecast was for light showers but we thought we'd press on. The day turned out to be hot and humid instead. REALLY hot and humid
Thankfully the girls were not the slightest bit affected by the sticky air. As for me. It was the worse weather ever. I could stand a scorching sun. I don't really mind windy days or drenching downpours. I just don't do humid. In fact, that's one of the reason for marrying Melvin. To get out of warm humid Singapore!
Of course I'm just kidding..... tsk tsk

So all afternoon I was in discomfort central. I had to drink heaps of cool water. While frantically fanning myself down with any piece of brochure I could get my hands on to stay sane. It almost robbed me off the will to live! Yes. For me. It was THAT bad
And. Did I mention I had NON-WATERPROOF eye liner on. You think a gal like me, coming from the tropics, would handle herself more eloquently.

Putting the panda look aside. And feeling absolutely spent by the end of the day. Our day at the park was a hit with the girls. And that's what counts. We had multiple rides passes for Annie and myself (some rides needed an accompanying adult) and she had a ball.
Except for the Tumble Bug ride which freaked out the both of us. I thought I was going to lose a child there!

Here are the pictures of our somewhat wonderful weekend.

Picnic by the harbour

Blowing bubbles.

Enjoying her very own chair.

We were in the blue carriage.

The view midway from within the Ferries Wheel.

Eating her first fairy floss.

The moment before the terror began (Tumble Bug ride)